Vital Humor

Nashville Scenes Critics pick

"indie-beach dreamers"- Nashville Scene

"Vital Humor is truly capitalizing on their uniqueness, and listeners are also noticing."-The up-and-up music

"Within the Vital Humor music catalogue, pieces of inspiration are mirrored by artists one would find in their dad’s old record collection; Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, Elton John, the Talking Heads, and Prince, just to name a few."- The up-and-up music

"containing some of the best Americana songwriters in the world. But the highlight of this list is, without a doubt, the band Vital Humor, which, alongside none other than Lilly Winwood, released one of the best songs of 2022: “Shattered Mirrors (Saving Grace)”. Come on!" -  Rock Cabeça

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